New England Captives Carried to Canada Between 1677 and 1760 During the French and Indian Wars [2 vols.]


In 1897, C. Alice Baker published True Stories of New England Captives Carried to Canada During the Old French and Indian Wars, which Heritage Books reprinted several years ago, but which is now out of print. Following the initial publication of that work, Ms. Baker and Emma Lewis Coleman continued to research this topic, scouring the libraries and archives of New England and Canada for information. Following the death of Ms. Baker, Ms. Coleman prepared the present volumes using all the data they had accumulated over several decades. These volumes name all the captives they discovered and provide biographical data on each, but the sketches on those people who had been covered in the earlier volume are abbreviated in comparison to those who had not been covered in the first compilation. This work provides an extensive picture of the Indian attacks on New England communities over about an eighty-year period, and in terms of identifying their captives, it is probably the most definitive work ever published. Sources are cited in footnotes and an appendix identifies various people and places mentioned in the text. There is a complete name index

Emma Lewis Coleman

(1926), 2005, 5½x8½, paper, index, 2 vols., 890 pp. 

ISBN: 9781556132575