The Cram Sourcebook: Volume One

The Cram Sourcebook: Volume One
Michael Cram


The author traces the origins of the von Cramm family in 13th-century Germany and develops both the English and modern German branches. Twenty generations of the German line—“from their tribal origins to the present”—are here represented. The family tree of Scottish Crams who immigrated to Canada in the early 19th century is included as well. In the appendices can be found the von Cramm heraldry and family crest, notes on the von Cramm estate in Oelber, Germany (plus a photo of same), a transcript of the will of Burchard Cramm of Felling, England (1609), and Cram entries in the Bishop's transcripts of Lincolnshire Parish Registers, among other papers. An every-name index makes finding people easy! 

(1996, 2014), 2021, 8½x11, paper, index, 220 pp.

ISBN: 9780788404580