Fragmenta Genealogica: Volume 10


This rare series is an outstanding compilation of English genealogical information drawn from many ancient sources, such as the Munimenta Antiqua, apprentice books, will books, church records, brass rubbings and historical documents from the author’s personal collection. Most of the data is from the 1600s and 1700s, but a few families have records going back to the 1500s and earlier. Included are descriptions of family coats of arms (with some illustrations), autographs, deeds, entries in Bibles, grants of arms, lists of rectors, monumental inscriptions, pedigrees, register extracts, seals and wills.The original volumes were beautifully printed on Crisp’s private press in limited editions of fifty. Crisp also collaborated with Joseph Jackson Howard on the distinguished series, Visitation of England and Wales. The information in Fragmenta Genealogica is every bit as significant as that found in Visitation, but is of a more random and sometimes more interesting variety.

Volume 10: A sample of the contents, too extensive to list in full: Autographs of Mary Bacon; Edward Bysshe, Clarenceux King of Armes; William Camden, Clarenceux King of Armes; Robt Cooke, Alias Clarensieulx Roy Darmes; William Dugdale Norroy King of Armes; Gregorius King, Rougedragon, Collegij Armorum Regrarius; Thomas Lock, Clarenceux; Robert Marsh, 1743; and others. Deeds from Tuddenham, Suffolk; North Nibley in the Hundred of Berkeley; and a list of slaves. Bible entries for the following families: Adams, Bartlett, Bowles, Bradley, Collins, Cooper, Crabb, Davis, Freeman, Garrard, Hutchison, Lockwood, Martin, Meadows, Morris, Neale, O’Brien, Pepper, Peters, Roberts, Stratford, Thomas, West, Williams and many others. Certificate of Nobility to Raymund Everard, 1687/1688; Exemplification of Arms to Robert Cutler, 1612; Grant of Augmentation of Arms to Richard Legh, 1665; Letters Patent for Earldom of Barrymore, 1627/28; and Grants of Arms to William and Robert Bensley, 1801; Thomas Fletewood, 1545; Joseph Hall, Bishop of Exeter, 1631; William Kempe, 1662; Thomas Northland, 1482; Herbert Westfaling, 1578; and John Wylkynson, 1519. Pedigrees of Lettsom, Minter, Oxenden and Sicklemore. Register Extracts of the Cripps family and the Faulconer family. Wills of Sarah Brook, 1796; Thomas Brown, 1730; Faulconer family, 1543–1829; John Glanfield, 1743; Anne Hamlin, 1743/1744; William Hamlin, 1743/1744; William Minter, 1788; Letitia Sparrow, 1808; Catherine Tong, 1784; William Tong, 1794.

Frederick Arthur Crisp

(1903, 1997), 2016, 8½x11, paper, index, 176 pp.

ISBN: 9780788406089