The History of the Town of Marlborough, Ulster County, New York: From the First Settlement in 1712 by Captain Wm. Bond to 1887


The best history available on this historic town along the majestic Hudson. Chapter 1 starts right away with an overview of the first families to settle Marlborough and their descendants: Captain William Bond, Wolfert Acker, Major Lewis DuBois, the Carpenter and Hallock Families, the Descendants of Leonard Smith, and L. Harrison Smith. Marlborough's military contributions are memorialized with lists of those who pledged loyalty to the Continental Congress in 1776, and those who fought in the Civil War, complete with date of enlistment, regiment and company. A selection of old papers transcribes such valuable documents as the will of Major DuBois (1795); the Bond Patent (1712, and the oldest existing land title in Marlborough); a bill of sale (1793) of a slave girl who would become the ancestress of the Milden family; an elegy on the tragic deaths of no less than five citizens in 1800; and more. Other chapters include abstracts of the first precinct and town meetings (1763 and 1772, respectively), an overview of the manufacturing history of Marlborough, notices of local interest gleaned from the "Pioneer" in 1830, old houses, ships, churches and societies, a list of property holders in 1871, several directories, and a treaties of the fruit industry. The book closes with genealogies (some to the seventh generation) of old families including: Belly, Bingham, Bloomer, Brower, Brown, Buckley, Caverley, Clark, Colman, Fowler, Hanford, Harcourt, Hurst, Knapp, Lockwood, Merritt, Northrip, Purdy, Quimby, Robert, Sands, Soper, Woolsey, Wygant and Young.


Charles H. Cochrane


(1887), 2006, 5½x8½, paper, index, 248 pp.

ISBN: 9781556137358