Danville, New Hampshire Residents, 1760-1992


Danville, New Hampshire Residents, 1760-1992 - Gus Collins.

“This book contains Birth, Marriage, and Death data on the people of Danville, NH (formerly Hawke, until 18 June, 1836). This information is compiled from various sources. The largest amount of data was from the Town Reports of Danville, NH, 1760–1992 inclusive, and taken from the book Vital Records of Danville, NH from 1760–1886, published 1979 by the Hawk Historical Society Danville, New Hampshire. Permission by Deborah S. Meigs of the society to include their data in this book is appreciated. Some information is from residents of Danville who were the author’s relatives, now deceased. Some cemetery data was obtained by his visiting the cemeteries in the years past. Often the data of each individual record is compiled from multiple sources. A few of the individuals were not b, m, or d in Danville, but are parents or children of those who were. The compiler took the liberty to add Jr. and Sr. to some records so as to distinguish between child and parent and so the database would sort correctly. Also in situations where a b record showed the spelling of a name like Dotty, the m record showed Dority and the d record showed Dorothy, the names were all entered as Dorothy so the database could sort and link to the spouse and parents correctly.” The arrangement is alphabetical.

(1993), 2016, 5½x8½, paper, 206 pp.

ISBN: 9781556138379