Elizabeth City County, Virginia Deed Abstracts, 1787-1800

Providing quick reference for genealogists, historians, and archeologists, this volume is a compact abstraction of deeds, wills, obligation bonds, and appraisements for Elizabeth City County (present day City of Hampton), Virginia, from 1787 to 1800. All names and identifiable landmarks are indexed. With Hampton’s claim of being the oldest, continuous, English-speaking settlement in the United States, dating from 1610, it is an interesting window to the community as it neared its 200th anniversary. Records of outstanding Virginians, such as George Wythe, are included. Intriguing plantation names such as “Lilliput” are identified. The author worked as a museum professional for the City of Hampton for eight years and has published several historical articles in regional magazines. More recently, her projects include genealogical research, indexes, and other compilations.


Joan Charles


(1994), 2012, 5½x8½, paper, 170 pp.

ISBN: 1556139837