The History of Hyattstown, Maryland

The History of Hyattstown, Maryland
Dona Lou Cuttler

The land that became Hyattstown began as picturesque, rolling hills with a creek and natural resources. In the late 18th century, Jesse Hyatt purchased 207 acres of land from John Bordley (son of the original property owner), and began his plans to create a town on ground not suited to farming. The plan for the town was recorded on 9 March 1798 in the Montgomery County Courthouse, complete with lot numbers and street names. The town was officially incorporated in 1809 as Hyatt’s Town. In this work, the town’s early history is covered in detail and includes such things as the beginnings of churches, schools, businesses, and town government. Contributions to the Civil War are recounted as well as the improvements made to the town after the war. Houses, businesses, and other buildings along the Great Road (Main Street) are described, accompanied by more than fifty maps and illustrations. Rosters list postmasters, postal patrons, teachers, and ministers. People and places are indexed. The author has written several local histories and genealogies.

(1998), 2011, 5½x8½, paper, index, 130 pp.

ISBN: 9780788409851