History of Barnesville and Sellman, Maryland


This book tracks the history of Barnesville and Sellman, in Montgomery County, Maryland. The land that became Barnesville was surveyed for Jeremiah Hays, December 10, 1747. The tracts "Jeremiah’s Park" and "Hopson’s Choice" were just two of the properties that eventually were surveyed as lots in the town. Barnesville was laid out in 1822 and incorporated in 1888. The main street was the old Baltimore Road from the Monocacy River to Baltimore. Early residents of Loudoun County, VA, brought produce to market and boosted the local economy. Early residents include Zachariah Knott, John Plummer and Captain James Gleeson. The authors also include residences and buildings of the town, with pictures and descriptions of each. Among these are included: Grove Hotel and tavern, the Leonard Hays house, the site of James Barnes’ cabin, the William T. Hilton house, St. Mary’s Catholic Church, the site of Barnesville Methodist Episcopal Church and Cemetery, the Hays Family Cemetery, Daybreak Farm, the site of Hays School, the Baptist Church, Christ Episcopal Church and many others. The area which became Sellman was previously a farming community of rolling countryside with limited access. In 1838, the area was opened up by way of the road to Monocacy Chapel (as Beallsville was then known). Some of the early residents include William Darne, Dr. Samuel Newton Chiswell White, William Poole, William T. Hilton, Dr. Horatio Wilson and Abraham S. Hayes. Residences and buildings of Sellman are also covered, with descriptions and pictures, including: the site of Irving Thomas-Dorian P. Darne Mill, the telegraph office, Barnesville Station, Mt. Zion parsonage, Sellman School, Mt. Zion Wesleyan Methodist Church and Cemetery, the post office and store, the site of the Canning factory, Knott Farm, and many others. More than 100 historic pictures, some as old as 1862, highlight the book. Also included are maps of both Barnesville and Sellman, a bibliography and a fullname index.


Dona Lou Cuttler & Ida Lu Brown


(1999), 2008, 5½x8½, paper, index, 160 pp.

ISBN: 9780788411809