Caroline County, Virginia Bureau of Vital Statistics Death Records, 1853-1896


The “Act for Registration of Deaths, Marriages and Births passed April 11, 1853” required localities to keep these records available to the public. The author has grouped Caroline County Death Register records by year. Records are formatted to include: “name of deceased/race/owner of slave where listed/sex/date of death/place of death if other than parents/occupation if listed/ place of birth if listed/ name of person reporting death and their relationship to deceased”. Birth and death locations are listed if they occurred outside Caroline County, along with farm and plantation name in some entries. Includes an alphabetical list of “Disease And Causes of Death”, a chronological list of “Commissioners of Revenue For Caroline County Appointed to Record Vital Statistics As Reported in The Death Register” and a new surname index which adds to the value of this book.

Herbert Ridgeway Collins

(1999), 2007, 8½x11, paper, index, 204 pp.

ISBN: 0788412914