The Vestry Book of Kingston Parish, Mathews County, Virginia, 1679-1796


Mathews County was known as Gloucester County until May 1, 1791. This volume contains the earliest records of Kingston Parish, Mathews County, Virginia, known to be in existence. Mr. Chamberlayne transcribed, annotated and indexed the original manuscript housed at the Library of the Theological Seminary of Virginia, in Alexandria. This exact reproduction of the original has left any errors or omissions unaltered. The entries list the Vestrymen and "Inhabitants" in attendance and the issues discussed at each meeting. Payments levied from "Tithable persons", church improvements and repairs, appointments, and local issues are described in these entries. Persons allotted benefits by the church from the levied tobacco are listed. Brief lists of ministers (1680-1796), Clerks of the Vestry (1679-1796), physicians (1742-1776), and subscribers are also included. A fullname index, a subject index and a brief geographic index are provided.

C. G. Chamberlayne

(1929, 1999), 2011, 5½x8½, paper, index, 188 pp.

ISBN: 9780788413230