The Old Burying Ground, First Presbyterian Church Yard, Caldwell (Horse Neck), Essex County, New Jersey


The First Presbyterian Church at Caldwell, earlier called the First Presbyterian Church at Horse-Neck, and its cemetery are listed in the New Jersey Register of Historic Places. There are written reports of over 530 burials in the church yard from 1788 to 1881.

“The persons mentioned in the following gravestone records are grouped into families as far as the information on the stones themselves will permit, and arranged alphabetically according to heads of families when practicable.” (NJHS)

A history of the cemetery precedes the inscriptions. Each entries includes (as available): full names (head of family, spouse, and children), dates of birth and death, source of information, transcription of gravestone inscriptions, and supplemental notes with data abstracted from documented sources, such as censuses and wills. Inscriptions in chronological order of death, and a list of primary sources complete this work.

Carol Personette Comfort

2022, 5½x8½, paper, 448 pp.

ISBN: 9780788413315