Madison County, Kentucky, Court Order Book B, 1791-1801


Madison County, Kentucky, Court Order Book B, 1791-1801 - Jackie Couture.

During this period Madison County included all of present-day Clay, Jackson and Owsley Counties and parts of Breathitt, Estill, Garrard, Harlan, Lee, Leslie, Letcher, Perry and Rockcastle Counties. Settlers rushed to this verdant area of the Kentucky frontier once the turbulent times of Indian wars and the American Revolution were past. Perhaps your ancestors' names can be found among the likes of Daniel Boone and William Clark! The civil matters found in these records include the exchange of deeds in property sales, lawsuits, road surveys, establishing care for orphans and the marking of livestock, among others. The Minute Book that was used as the basis of Madison County, Kentucky, Court Order Book A, 1787-1791, ended in August of 1792. From that point on, this book is an abstract of the clerk's copy of Court Order Book B. All entries have been included, but they are not an exact transcription. Any material that appears in the Minute Book, but not the Order Book is printed in italics. No civil suits were recorded in the County Court after September, 1792, but appeals were heard throughout this time period and are noted.

(2000), 2006, 5½x8½, paper, index, 320 pp.

ISBN: 9780788414633