Sketches of the First Emigrant Settlers, Newton Township, Old Gloucester County, West New Jersey


"The persons who, separately or collectively, made up the English colonies upon the New Jersey shore of the Delaware should not pass unnoticed; nor can they be lost sight of, however prominently the results of their undertaking may be presented." The majority of this work is devoted to sketches of the first settlers: Robert Zane, Thomas Sharp, Mark Newbie, William Bates, Thomas Thackara, George Goldsmith, Francis Collins, William Cooper, William Albertson, Elizabeth Estaugh, John Gill, Archibald Mickle, John Kaighn, the Graysburys, John Kay, Simeon Ellis, Joseph Tomlinson, Samuel Cole, Samuel Nicholson, Thomas Howell, William Matlack, John Hinchman, John Shivers, John Hillman, the Clements, Henry Stacy, John Hugg, Samuel Spicer, Thomas Stokes, Griffith Morgan, the Burroughs, the Woods, Richard Mathews, Robert Turner, Samuel Carpenter, Thomas Gardiner, John Champion, John Eastlack, and the Lippincotts. Lists of marriages (late 1600s through the 1700s) follow the sketches, and are grouped by location - Burlington, Salem, Newton, Chester, Evesham, and Woodbury. A brief section lists licenses of marriage granted by the Governor of the State of New Jersey for Burlington and Gloucester Counties grouped by year (1727-1791). The text is enhanced by a new fullname index and three foldout maps: Thomas Sharp's 1700 map of lands between the south branch of Newton Creek and Cooper's Creek; the original survey in Newton Township; and a 1698 map of Newton Township.

John Clement

(1877, 2000), 2011, 5½x8½, paper, index, 478 pp.

ISBN: 9780788415326