Ohio County (West Virginia) Index, Volume 6


Index to the County Court Order Books (Part 6) 1777-1881

The Ohio County Index series continues in Volume 6, publishing more records from the index to Ohio County, (Virginia) West Virginia, County Court Order Books from 1777–1881 as originally extracted during the 1930s. Readers need to remember that eight present-day West Virginia counties have been formed, in part, from the original 1776 Ohio County: Hancock (1848), Brooke (1797), Marshall (1835), Wetzel (1846), Tyler (1814), Pleasants (1851), Doddridge (1845), and present-day Ohio County. Anyone researching these counties will want to add this valuable resource to their library. Volume 6 continues to index civil lawsuits handled by the county court including individuals, banks, firms and corporations. Entries include plaintiffs with surnames N-S and their corresponding defendants with surnames A-Z, plus miscellaneous entries with surnames A-Z. Plaintiff entries account for approximately 46% of the total entries in this volume. Defendants make up 40% of the entries, and the remaining 14% are miscellaneous entries. The original pages are included with a reference to the source County Court Order Book and page number. There are a few mentions of Chancery, and Law Order Books. Hints for interpreting notations and phrases found in “Miscellaneous Entries,” a listing of microfilm at the West Virginia University and West Virginia State Archives, plus a 120 page personal time line index enhance the value of this volume. Index entries include full-name, date of court action, subject (defendant, plaintiff, or misc.), and page number.

Kenneth Fischer Craft, Jr.

(2000), 2011, 8½x11, paper, 388 pp.

ISBN: 9780788416477