The Corwin Genealogy (Curwin, Curwen, Corwine) in the United States


There are several families of the name Corwin, Corwine or Curwen, in the United States, the majority who are, no doubt, of English descent. This genealogy covers the families of Matthias Corwin (who was the first of this name in America about 1630), George Curwin, Samuel Corwine, Thomas Curwin, John Curwen, Malcolm Corwin and Charles H. Curwen. The genealogy is arranged in alphabetical order of the Christian names of all the descendants of the original Corwin immigrants, whatever the surname may be. Each record contains the date and place of birth, date of death, marriage information, information about the children, number of generations from the original immigrant, parents’ names, and a definition of the Christian name. The appendices discuss the history of the Corwin name starting with the name Corvinus and the Roman Corvini. They also cover John Hunyady Cirvunus, Matthias Corvinus, the Reformation in Hungary, Reverends Anthony and John Corvinus of Germany, John Agustus Corvinus, the English Culwens or Curwens, the town of Workington, Cumberland, England, Philip Corwine and Nicasius De Sille. There is a “family tree” showing six generations of the descendants of Matthias Corwin of Long Island and one showing six generations of the descendants of George Curwin. There is also a “family tree” of the Cumberland County Curwens, England, and one that gives a probable plan for the relation of the European Corvine. This work is completed by a general index which includes intermarriages of descendants of the Corwin daughters with other surnames, as well as a supplement of additions and corrections.

Edward Tanjore Corwin

(1872, 2003), 2012, 5½x8½, paper, index, 324 pp.

ISBN: 9780788418365