The Pilgrim Fathers: Their Church and Colony


The history of an enterprise so weighted with consequences as that of the Pilgrim Fathers can hardly find an impartial reader. The results have been too vast, have touched men too vitally, not less in social life than in religion and politics, and as the results are judged, so the story is read. Part I, The Pilgrim Church includes chapters: The Road To Separatist Churches, The Earliest Separatist Churches, The Church at Scrooby; The Migration To Amsterdam, The Churches in Amsterdam, Life In Leyden, The Church In Leyden, The Pilgrim Press, The Departure For America, and an appendix listing The "Mayflower" Passengers And Their Families. Part II, Plymouth Colony includes chapters: The First Winter, The Commercial Side of The Colony, Neighboring Colonies, Indian Relations, The Government ff The Colony, The Confederation and Final Union with Massachusetts and Life In Plymouth. Illustrations, a map, and a full-name plus subject index augment this work.

Winnifred Cockshott

(1909), 2005, 5½x8½, paper, index, 388 pp

ISBN: 9780788422188