58's Are the Greatest


This is a must have book for the serious ammunition collector and/or historian. The .58 caliber cartridge, beyond its civilian applications, remained a military workhorse throughout most of the 1800s worldwide, including the U.S. Civil War, 1860-1865. The rampant experimentation to develop specialized ignition systems, projectile characteristics, and case materials will no doubt intrigue many readers. It becomes apparent that many present day munitions share certain features that were conceived during this early period of history. Even those concepts which proved to be "less" successful, were no less fascinating.

Numerous .58 caliber cartridges are examined in detail and displayed in true to measurement life-size profiles. The headstamps are displayed in an enlarged view to maximize detail. Physical measurements may include rim, neck, bullet, case length, powder grains and more. A bibliography and two indexes add to the value of this reference guide.

William G. Gessner, Sr. and Charles Conklin

(2004), 2006, 8½x11, index, 348 pp.

ISBN: 9780788425929