Twenty Years at Pemaquid, Sketches of its History and its Remains, Ancient and Modern (Maine)


This history of Pemaquid, Maine was compiled by the author after many years of research from which he selected “the most interesting facts and put them in the most attractive form. … Owing to its control by different nations at different periods it has a wonderfully checkered career. Being near the eastern boundary line of New England and the French on the west, and claimed for a long time by both nations, was the cause of much contention, and finally the construction of Fort William Henry at an expense of nearly 20,000 pounds.”

Chapters include: Location of Pemaquid; Pemaquid as It Appears Today; When Was Pemaquid First Settled? A Mystery Yet Unsolved; Pemaquid As It Was and As It Is; An Account of the Historical Celebration at the Mouth of the Kennebec River in 1907; The Voyage of Capt. John Smith of Pocahontas Fame; Early Traffic at Pemaquid; First Deed Ever Properly Executed In America; Noted Indians — Samosset, Unnongoit, Nahanada; Pemaquid Patent; Wreck of Angel Gabriel at Pemaquid in 1635; Trouble for Pemaquid Settlers — Treaty of St. Germain; Pemaquid Under the Duke of York — The First Indian War at Pemaquid Called King Philip’s War, 1664–1686; Relics of Pemaquid; Old Fort Rock, Castle and House; The Old Cellars of Pemaquid; Ancient Pavings; The Old Cache; Remains of Blacksmith Shops; Evidence of Pipe Making; Old Vessels; The Remains of An Old Wharf; The Old Burying-Ground; Visits of the Maine Historical Society in 1869 and 1871; Fortifications; Fort Charles; Fort William Henry 1692–1696; Fort Frederic 1729–1775; Naval Engagement Off Pemaquid; The Pemaquid Improvement Association; Bristol History; and Muscongus Island History. Vintage photographs, maps, and an index to full names, places and subjects enhance the text.

Henry Cartland

(1914), 2023, 5½x8½, paper, index, 284 pp.
ISBN: 9780788427077