Witness to War: Growing Up in Williamsburg During the American Revolution


In this captivating sequel to the charming historical fiction, Witness to Revolution: Growing Up in Williamsburg During the American Revolution, the stakes are higher and the bonds of love and friendship are tested against the backdrop of America’s fight for independence. The Revolutionary War is approaching its fourth year, and as it inches closer to the lives of our protagonists—James, John and Rebecca—the trio finds themselves separated as they are pulled further into its chaos.

For James and John Southall, coming of age means mandatory militia service, thrusting them directly into the fray of battle. As they shoulder the weight of duty and honor, their paths diverge, with James joining the militia, and John—fueled by his patriotism and desire to protect his country—enlisting in the much more dangerous Continental army. Meanwhile, the economic toll of the war forces Rebecca and her family to bid farewell to their home in Williamsburg, seeking refuge in the newly minted capital of Richmond.

Witness to War is a gripping tale of friendship, love, sacrifice, and the indomitable spirit of a nation fighting for freedom. Will John, James, and Rebecca be able to navigate the tumultuous terrain of revolution with courage and resilience and emerge unscathed? Or will the ravages of war tear apart the fabric of their lives forever?

Michael and Jennifer Cecere

2024, 6x9, paper, 280 pp.

ISBN: 9780788427879