Witness to Victory: The Final Book of Witness to Revolution


Join James, John and Rebecca on their thrilling journey through the final chapter of the American Revolution and the conclusion to the epic Witness to Revolution trilogy!
Our friends have been separated, but all three remain deeply rooted in the turmoil of the revolution. As the war reaches its climax in the southern colonies, John, with General Nathanael Greene’s army, stands firm in the Carolinas, facing off against the British in battle after battle. John and his comrades fight bravely and do their best to persevere for the sake of American independence, but the harsh reality of war is that not everyone returns home.
Meanwhile, James and Rebecca grapple with the harsh realities of war as the British invade Virginia. While they worry over John’s safety in the south, they witness firsthand the devastation wrought upon their homeland at the hands of the notorious traitor, Benedict Arnold. Their resilience is tested even further when General Charles Cornwallis marches through the state, leaving destruction in his wake.

In this final installment, James, John, and Rebecca’s courage and determination are put to the ultimate test as they navigate the chaos of war and struggle to survive in a world torn apart by conflict. We know how the revolution ends for the country, but how will it end for our three friends?

Michael and Jennifer Cecere

2024, 6x9, paper, , 346 pp.
ISBN: 9780788428586