Death and Marriage Notices from Jefferson County, Alabama, Newspapers, Volume II (1882-1906)


This collection contains valuable historical and genealogical information on individuals who resided in Jefferson County, particularly in the Greater Birmingham area, as well as news items from across the state and across the Southeast. Information has been gleaned from a selection of newspapers that operated in the City of Birmingham, and surviving issues of other newspapers which operated in surrounding towns and communities in Jefferson County. This collection does not include all surviving newspapers or issues for the specified time period. The Birmingham Iron Age, later The Birmingham Age, was the predominant newspaper in the City of Birmingham during this time period, and it is particularly noted for including columns listing the deaths and marriages from across Alabama. In some cases, these brief notices are the only surviving "evidence" of death. The Birmingham Times and The Bessemer Journal are two more of the numerous newspapers abstracted here. Is your missing Alabama ancestor on one of these pages?


Larry E. Caver, Jr 

(2003), 2004, 5½x8½, paper, index, 448 pp.

ISBN: 9780788433245