Death, Marriage, and Probate Notices From Montgomery, Alabama, Newspapers, Volume II (1866-1875)


Death, Marriage, and Probate Notices From Montgomery, Alabama, Newspapers, Volume II (1866-1875) - Larry E. Caver, Jr. This collection contains valuable historical and genealogical information on individuals who resided in Central Alabama following the Civil War, as well as information for individuals residing in other parts of the state and adjacent southern states. Marriage and death notices are also included for some African American "freedmen."

This volume begins in 1866, the year following the end of the Civil War, the fall of the Confederacy, and the beginning of "Reconstruction" in the South. Many wives, children, and parents scanned the lists of "fatalities and wounded" in search of information about the fate of their loved one. News items recorded lists of Alabama dead buried in battlefront cemeteries, cemeteries at military hospitals, and even in small isolated places not otherwise recorded. In some instances, the remains of loved ones were brought home for re-interment in city and family cemeteries.

Over fifty pages of probate notices from six different newspapers operating in Montgomery provide researchers with a valuable resource for determining approximately when and where an elusive ancestor may have died. "Nonresident notices" were required whenever an heir of the deceased resided outside of Alabama. These notices usually state the names of the heirs, their last known residence, and many times, their relationship to the deceased. Most of the probate notices in this collection were gleaned from the Alabama State Journal which covered several counties in Central Alabama.

In addition to genealogical information, this collection provides fascinating historical glimpses of this time period in Central Alabama.

(2003), 2005, 5½x8½, paper, index, 446 pp.

ISBN: 9780788433252