A History of Lawrence, Kansas, from the First Settlement to the Close of the Rebellion


This volume presents a history of the town during its turbulent first decade through the close of the Civil War. It was a period of violent controversy over the slavery issue. In 1863 the town was the scene of a devastating raid by the Quantrill guerrilla band in which 142 Lawrence residents were massacred. Topics include: The Kansas-Nebraska Bill; Reinforcements; Spring Election, March 30th, 1855; The Conflict Begun; Governor Shannon Alarmed; A Hard Winter; The Summer of 1856; Retaliation; The Bogus Legislature Again; Lecompton Constitutional Convention; The Territorial Legislature Adjourns to Lawrence; Lawrence in 1858; The Beginning of the Civil War; The Lawrence Raid: Its Antecedents and Causes, The Approach, and, The Departure and Pursuit; Lawrence Restored; and much, much more. There are over 100 portraits of pioneer settlers, civic leaders, businessmen, and other men and women. An every-name index has been added which makes the volume much more useful for research purposes.


Richard Cordley


1895, (2016), 5½x8½, paper, index, 350 pp.

ISBN: 9781556134342