Footsteps Across the Confederacy: Missouri, Kentucky and Tennessee


This volume is a continuation of the author’s journey in search of a deeper understanding of the Civil War. This fascinating look at Civil War battlefields began as a short article about the author’s visit to one of the battlefields in Virginia, and blossomed into this full length account of his journey of discovery across the Confederacy as he roamed from battlefield to battlefield, tracing the footsteps of soldiers that had gone before him. The account of each battlefield is broken down into three sections: a description of the author’s route to each site; a summary of the battle that was generally gathered from information at the site; and a description of the site as it looks today along with the author’s comments about the battle and its significance.

This captivating journal, written from the refreshing perspective of a Canadian with a passion for Civil War history, examines what he found, who he met, and what he experienced and saw in his quest to understand why, when, and how the soldiers did what they did during those four terrible years of the Civil War. Maps, photographs, a bibliography, and a name and place index enhance the text. Anyone with an interest in travel, the Civil War, or this geographic area will want to add this book to their library.


Dave Comeau


2006, 5½x8½, paper, index, 302 pp.

ISBN: 9780788435836