Colonial Catoctin Volume I: The Fairfax Family and Freeholders of Piedmont Manor and Shannondale Manor, Loudoun County, Virginia Land Book, 1743-1820


Herewith is the history of the Fairfax family in the context of Piedmont Manor and Shannondale Manor (Loudoun County, Virginia), with a comprehensive account of their development. This volume catalogs 259 abstracted legal instruments in chronological order of the breaking up of tracts of land that were granted to patentees or leased to lessee's, and the subsequent further division of such lands into parcels, lots, or pieces of land, with boundary descriptions and consideration monies. Included are ninety-eight measured drawings or plats, graphic images, footnotes, and a full name index.

Roberto Costantino has authored four books about colonial developmental dynamics in the Upper Potomac River Valley. He holds a graduate degree in Planning (M.P.) with a formal concentration in Preservation granted by the University of Virginia, School of Architecture. He holds a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) academic degree conferred by Loyola University, New Orleans.

Roberto Costantino

2006, 8½x11, paper, index, 234 pp.

ISBN: 9780788442513