The Willing War: A Novel of Maryland in the American Revolution


The Willing War: A Novel of Maryland in the American Revolution - John C. Conradis. The Willing War is the first volume of the Old Line Chronicles, a series of novels about Maryland and its people in the American Revolution. The novel takes place during the critical period of uncertainty from 1774 to America's decision to declare independence in July 1776; a time when intrigue and covert action were powerful tools used by both sides. The Willing War follows the dreams and tribulations of two lovers, Christopher Sims and Hannah Williams, from their insular rural lives in Frederick County, Maryland, to the center stage of revolutionary America. Sharing their trials with such fictional and historical characters as Rachel Jones, Mordecai Gist, Terry Simon, and Mary Goddard, Christopher and Hannah's adventures take them to Baltimore and the Eastern Shore, and expose both to espionage, a plot to kidnap a member of the Maryland delegation to Congress, murder and a looming war, and test their commitment not only to the cause but also to each other. Based upon years of deep and broad research, this novel is the story of two people who decide that they are not victims, nor innocent bystanders, but are, in fact, the revolution. Christopher will go off to join the ranks of Smallwood's legendary Maryland Regiment, while Hannah cares for the family of one of Maryland's most prominent patriot leaders, putting both of them in harm's way. The keen observation of colonial society provided in this novel is enhanced by rarely reproduced maps of eighteenth century Maryland from the Huntingfield Collection of the Maryland State Archives. The adventures of Christopher Sims and Hannah Williams and other major characters from The Willing War continue in A Vagabond Army?a romance of Maryland in the first two years of the war of independence. 2007, 5½x8½, paper, 254 pp.

ISBN: 9780788443800