The Marylanders: Without Shelter or a Crumb, Revised Edition


This is the history of the family of Colonel John H. Sothoron from 1807 to 1893, with emphasis on the Civil War era. The book begins with the War of 1812 using reports made to the federal government for claims of damages, census reports and many other sources. The role of slavery is examined and the author shows how fragmentary records of human bondage can be evaluated to establish specific conclusions. The Civil War era in Maryland was characterized by extreme political and military turbulence and a Union army troop shortage beginning in June of 1862. This book presents a thorough research analysis of how those forces directly affected the Sothoron family and St. Mary’s County, Maryland, where they lived. The partisan politics, laws, policies and actions of the Union government are included to give the reader insight into how the entire Sothoron family, including infants, was the unwilling victim of harsh and draconian policies designed to oppress freedom. This story of the survival of the Sothoron family is a testament to the endurance of tolerance and liberty. This work has been thoroughly researched and footnoted. Diagrams augment the text.

Stephen D. Calhoun

(2007), 2019, 8½x11, paper, index, 150 pp.

ISBN: 9780788443923