Headhunter One One: The Vietnam Memoir of a Recon/Observation Pilot, 219th Aviation Company


Headhunter One One is more than a biography of an Army pilot in the Vietnam War but also a brief history of the war as seen through the eyes of an enthusiastic supporter. When Lieutenant Vincent J. Capozzella arrived in Vietnam in June 1965 as a member of the 219th Aviation Company, he was assigned as a forward observer in the OV-1 "Birddog" in the volatile central highlands of that country. As the war progressed Lieut. Capozzella grew increasingly pessimistic concerning the future of the war and victory. Using the call sign "Headhunter One One," Lieutenant Capozzella developed techniques of stealth and perseverance to hunt and attack the deceptive Viet Cong with success. His one year service included: the first major battle of the war in the Ia Drang Valley, made famous by Mel Gibson's movie, We Were Soldiers; missions for the 1st Cavalry and 25th Infantry Divisions; and numerous personal incidents which are both humorous and tragic. His story also details the growing insensitivity on the part of a few of his fellow pilots who retrieved the heads of the enemy as souvenirs. His observations regarding the ineffectiveness of the South Vietnamese Army and the failure of the American forces to utilize their strengths convinced Lieutenant Capozzella of the coming defeat. This book traces that journey.


Vincent Capozzella 

2007, 5½x8½, paper, 206 pp.

ISBN: 9780788444852