A Vagabond Army: A Novel of Maryland in the American Revolution; Volume Two of The Old Line Chronicles


A Vagabond Army, the second volume in this series, once again seamlessly blends early American life with our Revolutionary War history in another fast-moving, absorbing historical romance. In the summer of 1776, the rage militaire has captured the imagination of the citizens of the newly declared United States of America, who are convinced that one decisive battle will win their independence. This battle takes place on Long Island and is a disaster for the Continental Army, which barely escapes utter destruction. Fortunately it does not prove to be the definitive battle of the revolution. It is, however, the beginning of a nightmare of shameful defeats and panicked retreats for the American army, as it tries desperately to survive this campaign in order to resurrect itself for another, more hopeful campaign. All depends on a little band of amateur soldiers who must sacrifice themselves for a country now unsure of its reason for being.

This is just the beginning of the further adventures of Christopher Sims, as he fights for his country and his life alongside his comrades as a member of Smallwood's legendary Marylanders. Made prisoner at the Battle of Princeton and incarcerated in one of the hellish prison ships known as the "Hulks," Christopher's only hope to live is a desperate escape attempt. Even as Christopher struggles to survive, his love, Hannah Williams, has, herself, been made prisoner by Loyalist pirates terrorizing the Chesapeake Bay. The search for Hannah will involve her friends in a little known war within a war fought between Maryland patriots and British loyalists among the confusion of islands and hidden inlets of the Chesapeake Bay.

John Conradis

2008, 5½x8½, paper, 300 pp.

ISBN: 9780788462078