Bible Records of Caroline County, Virginia Families: Index


This volume contains an index compiled by Wesley E. Pippenger to the hundreds of valuable records in Herbert Ridgeway Collins’ Bible Records of Caroline County, Virginia Families, published by Heritage Books in 2008. The family registers preserved in the Bibles of Caroline County families are one of the few remaining sources of vital statistics and family relationships of Caroline families. Since colonial times, Virginia families have recorded their births, marriages, deaths, and other notable events in their family Bible. In many cases, newspaper notices of marriages and deaths were clipped from papers and placed in Bibles. Entries from family Bibles have been considered legal records for matters such as proving birth or marriage dates, especially since Social Security was inaugurated.

Anyone who owns Bible Records of Caroline County, Virginia Families will be delighted with this index to full-names and places. A good index makes research a breeze!

Herbert Ridgeway Collins and Wesley E. Pippenger

2011, 8½x11, paper, 82 pp.

ISBN: 0788453262