History of Curtis Land, 1635-1683: With Excerpt on Francis Land


The surname Land was a locational name meaning “the dweller at the launde.” Alternate spellings include: Lawn, Landt, Van den Land, Landh, Landell, Le Land, and Landberg to name but a few. This is the family history of Curtis Land, who was born in 1635 in Devon County, England; married Mary Hodges in 1662; and died in 1683 in Charles City, Virginia. Curtis and Mary had two sons: William and Curtis (who was born in Charles City, Virginia, in 1668). The genealogy of Curtis Land’s descendants is presented herein. Numbered entries typically include the date and place of birth, date of marriage and name of spouse, date and place of death, and names of children. Entries include (as available) the dates and places of birth and death for the spouse and each child; additional data for spouses may also be included. Biographical information is provided for later entries, which may include place of residence, military service, and more. Abstracts and transcripts of wills and court documents, facsimile reprints of original documents, and photographs enhance the text. An account of Francis Land (1604–1657) of Lower Norfolk County, Virginia, supplements this work. Francis Land was a prominent citizen and wealthy planter, and one of the earliest settlers of Lower Norfolk County.

Betty Jewell Durbin Carson

2014, 8½x11, paper, 304 pp.

ISBN: 9780788455803