CD: New York, Volume 1

CD: New York, Volume 1 - HB Archives. This CD-ROM includes electronic image reprints of four important volumes of early New York records. The books are presented as graphic images, so the user sees the works just as they were originally published. They are intended to look and function very much like "real" books. The material in the books is alphabetically arranged and/or the books have human-generated, manual indexes. There are no electronic indexes, and there is no electronic text to search. However, extensive electronic tables of contents have been added to facilitate navigation through the books. * Narratives of New Netherland, 1609-1664 - ed. by J. Franklin Jameson, Ph.D., LL.D., (1909). * Historical Papers on Shelter Island and its Presbyterian Church, with Genealogical Tables - Rev. Jacob E. Mallmann (1899). A detailed history of the town and of the church. * The Early History of Southampton, L.I., New York, with Genealogies - George Rogers Howell, M.A. (1887). Emphasis is on the period prior to the American Revolution, with genealogies listing hundreds of families. * Staten Island Wills and Letters of Administration, Richmond County, New York, 1670-1800 - Charlotte Megill Hix, C.G.R.S. (1993). The author has created a much-needed index as this information was taken from 17 volumes of abstracts. This CD-ROM uses the powerful Adobe Acrobat reader (for Windows and Macintosh, provided free on the CD; the corresponding viewer for other operating systems can be downloaded free of charge at NOTE: This CD works best when viewed with monitor resolution 800x600 or higher. 1999, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat, v6, PC and Mac, 1552 pp. 101-CD1153 ISBN: 0788411535