CD: Biographical Review, Volume XXVII, Containing Life Sketches of Leading Citizens of Middlesex County, Massachusetts


CD: Biographical Review, Volume XXVII, Containing Life Sketches Of Leading Citizens Of Middlesex County, Massachusetts - Biographical Review Publishing Company. Originally published in book form in 1898, this CD-ROM contains genealogical and biographical data on many residents of Middlesex Co., Massachusetts. Some of the biographies include: George Z. Blodgett, Joseph N. Bacon, Eugene G. Hoitt, James P. Niles, Albert Mead, George W. Barton, William Amos Bancroft, John Read, William James Rolfe, Henry Orlando Marcy, William T. Richardson, Joseph J. Giles, Arthur Gilman, Horace Carr White, Jacob M. Ellis, John W. Willis, Edward F. Worcester, Lowell Clark, Albion Parris Howe, George H. Howard, Arthur P. Smith, John Parham, Sanford Harrison Dudley, Lorenzo Prentice Blood, the Graves Family and many more. 140 portraits and photographs are included with the text. This CD-ROM uses the powerful Adobe Acrobat reader (for Windows and Macintosh, provided free on the CD; the corresponding viewer for other operating systems, can be downloaded free of charge from The format preserves the look of the original page and allows the user to search the text for names of people and places. When you run a search, the hits are highlighted on each page for easy identification.

(1898), 1999, CD, Searchable, Adobe Acrobat, v6, PC and Mac, c850 pp.

101-CD1154 ISBN: 0788411543