CD: Genealogies, Volume 4

CD: Genealogies, Volume 4 - HB Archives. Contains 4 families: *A Rutan Family Index *- James J. Keegan (1996). The progenitor of Rutans in America is believed to be Abraham Rutan, born in France in 1658, who came to America c.1675. This index covers the first 7 generations descending from Abraham and Marie, approx. 2,700 descendants (1680-1900). With a full name index cross-referencing spouses and a bibliography of other pertinent sources. *A Second Rutan Family Index *- James J. Keegan (1997). Index includes updates to the first volume but at least half the individuals in this volume did not appear in the first. *Barber Genealogy: Descendants of Thomas Barber of Windsor, Connecticut, 1614-1909 *- John Barber White (1909). Covers primarily male lines; female lines extend only one generation. Families covered lived primarily in New England, NY and the Midwest. *Barber Genealogy: Descendants of John Barber of Worcester, Massachusetts, 1714-1909 *- John Barber White (1909). Includes extensive female lines, primarily in New England, NY and the Midwest. *Genealogy of the Descendants of Thomas Gleason of Watertown, Mass., 1607-1909 *- John Barber White (1909). Ten generations are covered, primarily focusing on male lines, but many female lines are covered in more recent generations. 2000, CD, Adobe Acrobat, v5, PC and Mac, 1900 pp. 101-CD1166 ISBN: 0788411667