CD: Obituaries of Benton County, Arkansas, Volume Four 1910-1913


CD: Obituaries of Benton County, Arkansas, Volume Four 1910-1913 - Barbara P. Easley and Verla P. McAnelly. This fourth volume, a CD-ROM, in the series of Benton County obituaries provides a "printed time capsule of the lives of the people of Benton County, Arkansas, and of many of their relatives and friends in other areas." Maiden names are included where known. Information was gleaned from: verbal reports; letters from correspondents; obituaries furnished by family, friends, or pastors; probate and estate records; memorials from lodges and other organizations; and other newspapers. The text is presented as graphic images, so the user sees the pages just as they were originally published. It is intended to look and function very much like a "real" book. This is accomplished using the powerful Adobe Acrobat reader which is provided free on the CD for Windows and Macintosh systems. This CD has no electronic indexes, but each work has a complete human-generated name index. In addition, numerous bookmarks have been added which make it easy to move through the book. This CD is best viewed with monitor resolution 800x600 or higher.

1999, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat, PC and Mac, 553 pp.

101-CD1250 ISBN: 0788412507