CD: Virginia, Volume 2

CD: Virginia, Volume 2 - HB Archives. This CD-ROM contains electronic image reprints of the following four essential volumes of Virginia history: * Marriages of Alleghany County, Virginia: 1822-1872 - Carletta Lanear Nelson (1994). Alleghany County was formed in 1822 from parts of Botetourt, Bath and Monroe Counties, Virginia. This book is a list of marriage records from the Minister Returns Books, 1822-1855; Marriage Returns Book (1), 1854-1872; and various original documents. Two indices are included listing names and any important dates associated with these individuals. * A History of Rockingham County, Virginia - John W. Wayland, Ph.D. (1912). This comprehensive history begins with the earliest settlements in the valley and recounts the history of Rockingham County from its formation through the Reconstruction Era to the twentieth century. Includes lists of tithables in 1775, local officials, Civil War rosters, and marriage records, 1778-1820. * Annals of Bath County, Virginia - Oren F. Morton (1917). Covers the history of the county from 1791 to the time of original publication. The book recounts tales of pioneer life, Indian Wars, events during the Revolution, the Civil War and early political history. A list of marriages, a list of surnames and a roster of confederate soldiers round out this book. * Southwest Virginia and Shenandoah Valley - Thomas Bruce (1891). This beautiful area of Virginia experienced very rapid development after the Civil War, putting its abundant resources to work in the name of progress. This book deals with the reasons for the area's growth from about 1870-1890. It covers southwest Virginia and begins with a history of the first settlers in the region. 1999, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat, v6, PC and Mac, 1538 pp. 101-CD1259 ISBN: 0788412590