CD: Rhode Island, Volume 1


CD: Rhode Island, Volume 1 - HB Archives. This CD-ROM contains electronic image reprints of the following four essential volumes of Rhode Island history:

***Bristol, RI Early Settlers - Dorothy Chapman Saunders (1992). Contains brief genealogical articles and sketches on the settlers of Bristol, drawn from town probate records, vital records and the records of the town’s 2 churches.

***The Story Of The Mount Hope Land - Wilfred H. Munro (1881). Beginning with the visits of Icelandic sailors in the 11th century, this historical narrative moves forward through accounts of the Indian wars, the early settlers of Bristol, events of the American Revolution, privateers of the War of 1812 and sketches of the region’s distinguished men.

***History Of The Town Of Smithfield, RI - Thomas Steere (1881). Covers the growth and early development, prominent men and early events that shaped the city. Smithfield was originally part of Providence, a town first settled by Roger Williams and others from Plymouth Colony. The Constitution of 1841 is discussed. Contains numerous documents relating to proposed public works, and a new full name index.

***A Geographic Dictionary Of RI - Henry Gannet (1894). Designed to aid in finding any geographic feature on the atlas sheets of RI published by the U.S. Geological Survey.

1999, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat, v6, PC and Mac, 1262 pp.

101-CD1262 ISBN: 0788412620