CD: Wisconsin: Volume 1


CD: Wisconsin: Volume 1 - HB Archives. This CD-ROM contains electronic image reprints of the following five works of Wisconsin history:

Old Cemetery Burials of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, Volume 1 - Elizabeth Doherty Herzfeld, CGRS (1995). This text, arranged alphabetically by surname of the deceased, is a listings of burials in 17 older cemeteries in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin drawn from burial records and physical listing of tombstones. Records may contain: cemetery; surname, given name, maiden name, marital status, date and place of birth and death, age at time of death and cause of death for the deceased; tombstone inscription; additional names listed on the same or adjacent stones, and location within cemetery. 

Old Cemetery Burials of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, Volume 2 - Elizabeth Doherty Herzfeld, CGRS (1997). This work adds about 9,500 more burials records to the information presented in its predecessor, Old Cemetery Burials of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. Five more cemeteries are covered, with additions and corrections. Dates range from the late 1700s to the late 1900s.

Genealogical Abstracts from the Wauwatosa News, 1899-1904 - Elizabeth Doherty Herzfeld, CGRS (1999). The Wauwatosa News is a weekly paper, now called Wauwatosa News-Time, that was first published in 1885 and it has been continuously published since March 11, 1899. These abstracts begin on April 1, 1899 and continue through May 24, 1904. Entries include: births, deaths, marriages, accidents, sketches of politically candidates, business information, crime, sports news and more. There is also a list of Civil War Volunteers. With a full name index.

The Chronicles Of Milwaukee - A. C. Wheeler (1861). This engaging chronicle begins with Milwaukee's origins in the wilderness. To read this interesting history is to learn about the growth pangs of a mid-western city "similar in so many ways to the establishment and growth of cities on the eastern seaboard" including: altercations between whites and Indians, crime, the birth of industries, the newspaper, the harbor, the hard times of 1837, road and bridge building, the incorporation of the city, elections, churches and a description of Milwaukee in 1861. A surname index has been provided.

History of the Territory of Wisconsin From 1836-1848 - Moses M. Strong AM (1885). Great book for the Wisconsin researcher, this text examines the early history of Wisconsin, 1600s-1848. Chapters cover: the Langlade family; wars with the Fox Indians; Jonathan Carver's exploration; Green Bay, 1634-1836; Prairie Du Chien, 1680-1830; New York Indians; lead mines and Winnebago War, and the Black Hawk War. 2000, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat, PC and Mac, 1730 pp.

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