CD: Virginia Volume 3



***King George County, Virginia, Death Records, 1853-1896 - Elizabeth Nuckols Lee (1995). Major collection of abstracts. Slave deaths are also recorded.

***The History of the City of Fredericksburg, Virginia From its Settlement to the Present Time - S. J. Quinn (1908). Fredericksburg is thought to have been settled by whites as early as 1622. This informative history covers: Revolutionary War; Civil War; Freedman's Bureau; public works; cemeteries; churches; periodicals; and biographical sketches.

*** Historic Fredericksburg: The Story of an Old Town - John T. Goolrick (1922). A series of historical sketches with an emphasis on local military history.

*** Wills of Westmoreland County, Virginia 1654-1800 - Augusta B. Fothergill (1925). Abstracts of wills.

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ISBN: 9780788412707