CD: Connecticut, Volume 1


CD: Connecticut, Volume 1 - HB Archives. Five historical and genealogical works:

*Some Connecticut Nutmeggers Who Migrated. Grace Louise Knox & Barbara B. Ferris (1988). Brief genealogical data on Connecticut emigrants west, 1700-1850.

*Centennial Address & Historical Sketches: Middletown, Connecticut. David D. Field, D. D (1853). An early history of Middletown.

* Genealogy & Ecclesiastical History Of New Britain, Connecticut. Alfred Andrews (1867). Names every communicant member of the Church of New Britain 1758-1867.

* The River Towns Of Connecticut. Charles M. Andrews (1889). Discusses Hartford, Windsor and Wethersfield.

* A Census Of Newington, Connecticut. Edwin Stanley Welles (1909). Detailed Newington census of 1776, plus a private record of deaths (1784-1795), and more.

2000, CD, Adobe Acrobat, PC and MAC, 1636 pp. 101-CD1352 ISBN: 078841352X