CD: New Hampshire, Volume 2


This CD-ROM contains the following four essential works of New Hampshire history:

The History Of New Hampshire Vol. 1 - Jeremy Belknap (1831). This definitive history of New Hampshire discusses its initial settlement down to 1790, covering early settlement and government, the French and Indian War and the Revolutionary War years. A lengthy appendix reproduces early letters and other documents. A name index has been added.

1850 Hillsborough County, New Hampshire, Census Parts 1, 2 and 3 - Ann L. Nichols Brown (1992). Data abstracted here includes: dwellings and families, numbered in order of visitation; names of every person whose usual place of abode on the first day of June 1850 was in this family; age; sex; color; profession, occupation, or trade of the each male person over 15 years of age; value of real estate owned; place of birth; and naming state, territory or country. It is also noted if a couple was married within the year. With a county map, a list of abbreviations and occupations, a mortality schedule for each town, a roster of Revolutionary patriots and a surname index.

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2000, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat, v6, PC and Mac, 1748 pp.

ISBN: 9780788413582