CD: West Virginia, Volume 3

CD: West Virginia, Volume 3 - HB Archives. This CD-ROM contains the following four volumes of West Virginia genealogical records and history: * Brooke County Virginia/West Virginia Licenses and Marriages 1797-1874 - Renee Britt Sherman (1991). Brooke County is located between Hancock and Ohio Counties in the panhandle of West Virginia. Records covered in this work are from the county clerks' Registers of Marriages and Marriage Licenses, listing over 5000 persons--brides and grooms, parents and ministers. Information for individuals includes: date of marriage (or marriage license), state, marriage official (or recorder in the case of licenses) and record location. Records for 1853-1874 also include information such as age of bride and groom; whether single, widowed or divorced; place of marriage; place of birth; residence; occupation of the groom; religious denomination and miscellaneous remarks. There is an index for parents and other persons for the years 1853-1874; colored marriages are also included for these years. Additional sections list county clerks, ministers, churches, towns, districts, and place names of Brooke and Hancock counties. * History of Marshall County West Virginia - Scott Powell (1925). Marshall County forms the base of the spike of West Virginia which is wedged in between Ohio and Pennsylvania. It was the home of some of the most celebrated scouts and warriors of border warfare, where Lewis Wetzel began his renowned career of Indian-fighting at the age of fourteen, following an attack on his family in which he and his brother were taken captive. Various lists and data tables include rosters of teachers, county officers elected between 1835 and 1922, and soldiers in the War of 1812 and the Civil War, annual rainfall, flood levels, maximum and minimum temperatures, property assessments, livestock populations, farm land and farm products, and a variety of other information. The index is organized as a table of contents, in page order. * History of The Pan-Handle Being Historical Collections of the Counties of Ohio, Brooke, Marshall, and Hancock, West Virginia - J. H. Newton, G. G. Nichols, & A. G. Sprankle (1879). Each of the four pan-handle counties has its own chapter in this expansive work. All the usual topics are covered, including extensive biographical sketches, and the text is indexed for full names. * History of Preston County West Virginia - S. T. Wiley (1882). "The written history of the county up to 1869 was nearly all destroyed by the burning of the public records in 1796 and in 1869...The written history so brief and the unwritten so rapidly passing away--to unite and preserve them, was the aim of the authors and the object of this work." Describes the "Aboriginal Period," the "Savage Period" and the "Civilized Period," with illustrations throughout and a full name index. (2000), 2005, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat, v6, PC and Mac, 1828 pp. 101-CD1361 ISBN: 0788413619