CD: New Hampshire, Volume 3


CD: New Hampshire, Volume 3 - HB Archives. This CD-ROM contains the following five volumes on the state of New Hampshire:

Gazetteer of the State of New Hampshire, In Three Parts - Eliphalet Merrill & Phinehas Merrill, Esq. (1817). A comprehensive Geographical and Statistical view of the whole State conveniently disposed under separate heads. A description of each county, town, or location in the State, along with its lakes, rivers, ponds, mountains and subjects of topographical detail, alphabetically arranged. With statistical tables and data on courses and distances between major cities.

The Emergence of Provincial New Hampshire 1623-1741 - David E. Van Deventer (1996). In this text, the development of society in colonial New Hampshire is studied by examining its creation and its changing characteristics in the 17th and early 18th centuries. This book is supplemented with three maps the Piscataqua Region in 1633, New Hampshire in 1741 and New Hampshire Parish Expansion 1690-1740 and an index of names and subjects. The author is a professor of history at the California State University, Fullerton, California.

A Gazetteer of the State of New Hampshire - John Farmer & Jacob B. Moore (1823). Embracing "a great variety of information," this gazetteer chronicles the state of New Hampshire from its earliest beginnings up to the work's first publication in 1823. Entries include the early histories of each town, descriptions of topographical features, civic and charitable organizations, and short biographical notices of "the most distinguished and useful men." Information given on local churches includes names of clergymen and dates of their settlement, removal or death. The appendix provides population statistics for New Hampshire towns in 1775, 1790, 1800, 1810, and 1820, plus a list of state newspapers and religious publications.

New Hampshire As It Is - Edwin A. Charlton (1855). A comprehensive state and local history in three parts: "A Historical Sketch of New Hampshire" chronicles the important events from the earliest settlements to the adoption of the federal constitution in 1788; "A Gazetteer of New Hampshire" lists every town in the state, with a detailed account of each one's geographical location, features and interesting qualities; "A General View of New Hampshire" provides an overall catalog of the state's prominent natural, industrial and humanitarian assets, with biographical sketches of Daniel Webster, Edmund Burke, Franklin Pierce and Horace Greeley. With a full name index (including all references to place names in the gazetteer), illustrations and a transcript of the state constitution.

A Gazetteer of New Hampshire - John Hayward (1849). Contains descriptions of all the counties, towns, and districts in the state; also, of its principal mountains, rivers, waterfalls, harbors, islands, and fashionable resorts. to which are added, statistical accounts of its agriculture, commerce and manufactures; with a great variety of other useful information. Includes illustrations and two indices.

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