CD: Tennessee, Volume 2


CD: Tennessee, Volume 2 - HB Archives. This CD-ROM contains electronic image reprints of the following eight books of Tennessee history by Carol Wells and Oliver P. Temple:

Robertson County, Tennessee, Court Minutes, 1796-1807 – Carol Wells (1993) These early court minutes and related records precede the county’s first extant census of 1820. All information included was transcribed from microfilm and chronologically arranged.

Williamson County, Tennessee, County Court Minutes, May 1806-April 1812 – Carol Wells (1994). These court minutes provide a picture of life on the frontier and describe disputes and lawsuits, and much more.

Williamson County, Tennessee, County Court Minutes, July 1812-October 1815 - Carol Wells (1994). Minute Book Two of the Court of Pleas and Quaker Sessions-the County Court-contains matter, which passed before the justices of the peace from July 1812 to the end of 1815.

Abstracts of Giles County, Tennessee, County Court Minutes, 1813-1816, & Circuit Court Minutes, 1810-1816 - Carol Wells (1995). References to remarriages, heirs, apprenticeships, orphans, transients, indigents, the insane, the laying out of roads, licensing of officials, mills, ferries, and ordinaries, as well as suits for assault, trespass, debt, paternity, land, and other county matters.

Rhea County, Tennessee, Circuit Court Minutes, September 1815-March 1836 - Carol Wells (1902).

Rhea County, Tennessee, Tax Lists 1832-1834, & County Court Minutes, Volume D: 1829-1834 - Carol Wells (1996). Names of persons who can be found in no other records, persons of no wealth of land, persons never mentioned in a will, persons never sued, might readily be found in county court minutes, because the county justices kept order in most aspect of everyday lives.

Dickson County, Tennessee, County & Circuit Court Minutes, 1816-1828, & Witness Docket - Carol Wells (1993). “The County and Circuit Court Minutes abstracted in this book are new to family historians. So untouched for the last 170 years that the pages have never been numbered…”

Notable Men of Tennessee From 1833-1875 - Oliver P. Temple (1912).

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