CD: Virginia Half-Pay and Other Related Revolutionary War Pension Applications Bundle (3 CDs)


 This CD-ROM set contains electronic image reprints of the thousands of documents which were originally published by the National Archives on 18 rolls of microfilm. This series of pension files originated as VA State pensions for Revolutionary War service in VA units, and is not to be confused with the main series of pensions originated by Congress. The recipients of these half-pay-for-life pensions were officers in the Army and Navy, including doctors, surgeons mates, chaplains, etc. These pensions were most often applied for by heirs of the veterans, who had to provide proof of relationship. Each soldier’s file contains a typed summary sheet with the basic genealogical data which Archives personnel extracted from the various documents. Such summary sheets were not prepared for the sailors. This electronic reprint contains every image in the original set, and is divided into 3 parts on 3 separate CD-ROMs. There are a total 279 pension files, many containing 50 or more documents. These files are viewed using the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is included on each CD for Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

2000, CD

ISBN: 9780788413704