CD: Vermont and New Hampshire


CD: Vermont & New Hampshire - HB Archives. This CD-ROM contains electronic image reprints of the following seven books of Vermont and New Hampshire history:

History of Salisbury, Vermont - John M. Weeks (1860). This is a historical account of the early settlement of the town of Salisbury. Due to a diligent search in the State Library, State Secretary's office, and through several dockets of Rutland and Addison County courts, most of the legal history of the town has been recovered. The ecclesiastical history is taken chiefly from church records, which are believed to be quite accurate.

The Old Meetinghouse Bennington, Vermont - Rev. Isaac Jennings (1907). This text holds the history of the one hundred year old meetinghouse of the Church of Christ in Bennington, Vermont: being a record of the centennial of the same held in the meetinghouse August the 19th and 20th, 1906. It contains the historical preamble, historical discourse of 1906 and notes, dedication discourse and prayer of 1806, prayers, hymns, odes, etc.

Memorials of A Century - Rev. Isaac Jennings. (1869). This work contains the record of individuals and events chiefly in the early history of Bennington, Vermont, and its first church. The first nine chapters are the discourse. Some account of the centennial celebration and the conclusion of the discourse make up chapter twenty-six.

Walton's New Vermont Register & State Year Book,- Charles S. Forbes (1907). This is a complete and accurate official business, professional and miscellaneous State Directory and Year Book of Vermont. It contains ads, almanac for 1907, legal holidays in Vermont, rates of postage, U.S. officers, steam railroads in Vermont, public libraries in Vermont, town officers, etc.

The Knowledge of Mankind: The Vermont Journal & the Universal Advertiser, 1783-1786 - Milli S. Kenney. (1996). This volume is intended to be another source of information for historians and genealogists after town histories and vital records have been searched. It contains lists of hundreds of delinquent taxpayers and numerous fascinating articles. An appendix lists the dates, clerks, hosts and locations of proprietors meetings, where delinquent taxpayers were dealt with or the business of the township was discussed. Includes a map of Vermont dated 1796.

What's News in Coos County? Volume One - Milli S. Kenney (1996). The people of Coos County, New Hampshire, and Essex County, Vermont, collaborated on many news stories and cultural events, even the county fair, so this work appropriately includes news from both places. The author gathered information from the White Mountain Aegis, 1838-1839, and the Northern Sentinel, 1870-1873. The book is roughly divided into two sections; one for each newspaper.

What's News in Coos County? Volume Two - Milli S. Kenney (1996). The author has compiled a chronological scrapbook of personal events covered in the Coos Republican from December 1855 through December 1859. What's News has transcripts of all news items that mention local people from all over New Hampshire, Vermont, southern Quebec and western Maine.

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