CD: Genealogies, Volume 7


CD: Genealogies, Volume 7 - HB Archives. Electronic image reprints of the following five genealogical works:

* The Martin Family of Poquoson District or York County, Virginia - Dr. Fred William Martin, Sr., Ph.D. & Albert James Willett, Jr. (1994). Descendants of Henry Martin (II) c.1805.

* Willett Family of Pennsylvania - Albert J. Willett (1998). Information extracted from census records, newspaper articles, obituaries, and printed biographies.

* A Genealogy of the Lake Family - Arthur Adams & Sarah A. Risley (1915).

* History of the Lake Family of Great Egg Harbor, N.J., descended from John Lake of Gravesend, Long Island with notes on the Gravesend and Staten Island branches of the family. The Elijah Adams Family - Nelson Adams (1910). Seven decades in seven Southern New England cities.

* The Stiles Family in America - Henry Reed Stiles, AM, MD (1895). Descendants of John Stiles, of Windsor, Conn. and Francis Stiles of Windsor and Stratford, Conn. (1635-1894), as well as Conn.- N.J. families (1720-1894), and the Bermuda-Georgia family (1635-1894).

2000, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat, v3/4, PC and Mac, 2283 pp.

101-CD1471 ISBN: 0788414712