CD: Genealogies, Volume 10


CD: Genealogies, Volume 10 - HB Archives. This CD-ROM contains the following seven volumes on various family genealogies:

Farnham/Farnum Families in America Volume 1 – Antoinete Farnham Stepanek (1993). Eleven generations of the author’s line (John/Elizabeth/Henry family). Over 7300 individuals are mentioned.

Farnham Families in England - Antoinette Farnham Stepanek (1995). Covers 4 family groups.

Memoirs of Francis Atwater – Francis Atwater (1922). Contains a half century of recollections.

John Caldwell and Sarah Dillingham Caldwell from Ipswich, Massachusetts, 1654 and their Descendants – John and Dolly Hoyt Caldwell (1904). Covers 8 generations of descendants (1654-1900).

The van Doorn Family (Van Doorn, Van Dorn, Van Doren, Etc.) in Holland and America, 1088–1908 – A. Van Doren Honeyman (1909). Identifies 2662 descendants derived from 3 Holland ancestors.

Joannes Nevius and His Descendants – A. Van Doren Honeyman (1900). Descendants of Joannes Nevius (1627-1900), and surnames: Nevius, Nevyus, Neafie, Neafus, Neefus, Nafis, Nafie, Nafey, Naphey, Napheys and Naphis.

History of the Ancient Ryedales and their Descendants in Normandy, Great Britain, Ireland, and America from 860 to 1884 – G. T. Ridlon (1884). A descriptive anthology of family history.

2000, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat, v6, PC and MAC, 3729 pp.

101-CD1574 ISBN: 0788415743