CD: The Ledger of William C. Walker of Stow, Maine, 1829-1843

CD: The Ledger of William C. Walker of Stow, Maine, 1829-1843 - . William C. Walker was a prolific cobbler (a craftsman of shoes and boots), but he also mended harnesses occasionally, and sold dry goods, condiments, lumber, and a variety of other items. At first thought a business ledger might seem rather dry reading, but if you spend a few minutes with this one you will probably change your mind. Walker kept accounts with many of the people in the area as shown in this book. A work of this nature does not contain a great deal of genealogical data per se, but numerous inferences can be drawn from the entries. For example, many of the boot and shoe records are highly suggestive, as when Russell Charles is billed for footware for “Solomon and Peter”, who apparently were his sons. In other cases the record only shows they were for “your son,” “your wife,” “your mother,” etc. Among the most prominent surnames in the ledger are: Abbot(t), Chandler, Charles, Eastman, Farington, Johnson, McIntire, Pride, Walker, Whit(t)aker, Whitting, and Wyman. Much can undoubtedly be read between the lines of this ledger with careful study and comparisons with other sources. 2001, CD, Adobe Acrobat, PC and Mac, index, 167 pp. 101-CD1622 ISBN: 0788416227