CD: New Jersey, Volume 1

CD: New Jersey, Volume 1 - HB Archives. Contains: A Glance Back in Time - Life in colonial New Jersey (1704-1770) as depicted in News Accounts of the Day - Richard B. Marrin (1994); Passage Point - An Amateur’s Dig into New Jersey’s Colonial Past - Richard B. Marrin (1997); The History of New Jersey, from its Discovery by Europeans, to the Adoption of the Federal Constitution - Thomas F. Gordon (1834); Genealogical and Personal Memorial of Mercer County, New Jersey - Francis Bazley Lee (1907); and New Jersey as a Colony and as a State, Volumes 1-4 - Francis Bazley Lee (1902). 2001, CD, Adobe Acrobat, PC and Mac, 3889 pp. 101-CD1624 ISBN: 0788416243